Join us!

Currently, the AIEA lab is at capacity and not seeking new students to join at this time. We will update this page as openings become available.

Interested students are welcome to complete the lab interest form. We examine new applicants at the start of each quarter (including summer).

Prospective PhD students

The AIEA group takes on 1-2 new PhD students each year. We are seeking creative, hard-working, PhD students to join and lead the group.

Come work with us on making complex mechanisms more understandable for debugging and diagnosis, accountability, and liability. We examine applications in autonomous driving, deep learning, and other mission-critical or safety-critical applications. Additionally, the AIEA lab also examines the role of explanations for trustworthy ML, human-machine teams, AI and ethics, and AI safety and fairness. See our active projects for more information.

UCSC Master’s students

Current UCSC Master’s students interested in gaining research experience or looking for a supervisor for a research project should examine the active projects and identify a potential research fit. MS students in the AIEA group are expected to to advise and mentor 1-2 undergraduate students.

In your introductory email, please include a CV/resume, and indicate a few topics or application domains of interest. We’ve listed a couple ongoing projects on the UCSC CSE master’s board.

UCSC undergrad

UCSC undergraduates are welcome to contact Prof. Gilpin about getting involved in research. Students interested in joining the group should have basic programming experience, and preferably, have taken CSE 140.